Regina: (306) 757-3197 | Saskatoon: (306) 343-2023 | Toll Free: 1-855-280-7115

The Saskatchewan Safety Council office staff works hard to promote all of our safety messages across the province. Each day they are building strong relationships with a wide variety of organizations to bring training and advocacy to the workplace. In turn, these relationships allow us to fund various community advocacy programs to every corner of the province.

Chief Executive Officer:
Ryan Jacobson

Director of Operations:
Dianne Wolbaum

Financial Coordinator:
Anup Ghiraiya

Executive Coordinator:
Tammy Cronan

Community Relations Coordinator:
Terri Kerbrat

Client Services Coordinator:
Robert Weitzel

Events Coordinator:
Janice Kosteniuk

Program Coordinators:
Rick Schwartz
Lynn Evans

Program Administrator
Alison Bobbee

Administrative Assistant:
Amanda Le Pine
Rhiannon Felix 

Safety Instructors:

We believe our clients’ safety training should be the highest quality possible which is why the Saskatchewan Safety Council employs some of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors in the country.  Each instructor is fluent in his or her field of expertise, which means you can be confident you are getting the best value for your investment.

Whether we are completing a safety audit of your organization or refreshing your personal driving skills, when you work with a Saskatchewan Safety Council instructor, you are working with someone who sincerely cares about helping you make it home safe every day.

Luigi Burchi
Lee Carlson
Ryan Durand
Greg Evans
Peter Huebner
Adrian Mohle
Eugene Rudy
Will Putz

Motorcycle Safety Instructors
Andrew Dolman
Dwayne Turcotte
Garry Michael
Jim Hall
Jo Keller
John Braithwaite
Marc Hankewich
Neil Painter
Rick Yoshida
Robert Weitzel
Tanya Kleemola
Taryn McKee
Taylor Mountain
Tom Schutzman
Tony Janeczko
Walter Dvorak
Willy J. Barraud


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