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Saskatchewan is known as the Land of the Living Skies, for our passionate football fans, and for our innovations in agriculture, potash and oil. Perhaps someday, we’ll also be known for our reputation as a province of safety excellence.

Guided by our volunteer Board of Directors and our Strategic Plan, the Saskatchewan Safety Council is working to lead the transformation of Saskatchewan into a province of safety excellence. With innovative programs, targeted resources, lots of hard work and your help, we will become known far and wide as a leader in safety.

The Saskatchewan Safety Centre of Excellence is a development project lead by the Saskatchewan Safety Council which will become the physical focal point, showcase, and inspiration of Saskatchewan’s injury prevention efforts.

For many years this project was nothing more than a concept, a dream; but that is no longer the case. This dream is very quickly becoming reality. Construction was planned to begin in 2019 but has been delayed waiting on the approval of the subdivision. 

Progress to date:

  • In 2017, the Saskatchewan Safety Council Board of Directors reached an agreement for the acquisition of a 30-acre parcel of land located on the Regina Bypass route in the Rural Municipality of Sherwood, pending subdivision approval.
  • Clifton and Associates have completed pre-construction engineering documents to support the development 
  • Pledges of support valued at more than $1,000,000 have been made

This innovative project needs your feedback and support. 

Please consider these three ways you and your organization can support the project:

  1. Providing feedback and ideas for innovative uses of this facility that can be included in our next stages of design. 
  2. Issue a Letter of Support for the project; a letter of support from your organization is a great way to showcase the value placed on injury prevention efforts and public solidarity for the Safety Centre project.
  3. Make a financial contribution or sponsorship commitment to expedite the development of this important resource. 

The Safety Centre of Excellence is an outstanding opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact to the lives of Saskatchewan people and establish the province as a national leader of injury prevention. I appreciate your time and consideration of this briefing as well as an appointment to discuss it further with you personally.

More details about the project can be found in this Briefing Document.

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