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Volunteer Application Request - The Saskatchewan Safety Council is accepting volunteer applications from those interested in participating in the following:

Content Creation: Volunteers take part in the creation of multi-media content which will be published and distributed via our website and social media properties. Opportunities vary greatly from simply being the subject of a safety video participating in an activity you regularly participate in, to playing a role with an assigned script. You may be just another face in a crowd or the primary subject with a safety message to deliver. You need only be comfortable with being photographed, or filmed, and willing to sign a release and non-disclosure agreement. Beyond that, you determine which projects you are a part of and how. We need all ages from all walks of life in settings both rural and city. Topics include farming, sport / recreational activities, traffic, in-home and home maintenance safety, and workplace safety.

Content Translation: The Council's strategic priorities encompasses the delivery of safety messaging to everyone in Saskatchewan by reducing or eliminating the language barrier. By creating culturally appropriate and visual content exhibiting safe choices, the need to explain is greatly reduced. That said, sometimes explanations are required. The Council aims to deliver content in the many languages which are spoken in Saskatchewan homes. If you can assist by translating brief messaging into one or more of the following languages, please volunteer.

Languages are listed in order of the number of residents speaking it in their Saskatchewan home:

  • Tagalog
  • German
  • Cree
  • French
  • Ukrainian
  • Dene
  • Urdu
  • Mandarin
  • Punjabi
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Cantonese

Community Safety Programs (Opportunities being developed): Community Safety Champions assist in the organization and delivery of safety activities and resources in cities, towns, and villages across the province. Participation may take the form of promoting a program for seniors, organizing a bike rodeo for children, or presenting information to youth. It may involve the distribution of a poster, making a few calls, or taking registrations.

Social Media Safety Advocacy (This opportunity is currently under development): You believe in the value of risk management and safe choices. You recognize that education results in the prevention of injuries or worse. As a social media advocate for safety, you subscribe to and actively monitor the Saskatchewan Safety Council's emails and social media channels, then, both share and re-create posts that reflect their messaging. You assist in the publicizing of events and share links to safety resources on your own social media pages and the appropriate pages and groups of others in your community. 

Event Steering Committee: Committee members participate on event planning teams. They may belong to one or multiple committees related to events internal or external to the Council. Each year the Council hosts an Industrial Safety Seminar, a Community Safety Seminar, an Annual General Meeting, and participates in a number of smaller events.

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