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  • Cade Sprackman Safety Day in Hudson Bay

    06 Jun 2018

    Cade Sprackman was “creative and imaginative and loved the arts as well as gaming and cinema.” He aspired one day to work in the arts as a cinema director. A very detail oriented p...

  • Get Defensive!

    22 May 2018

    Everyone, get ready. On a scale of 1 (being the worst) and 10 (being the best), where do you put your driving skills? Take a second or two and pick your number. I am guessing you rated yourself at abo...

  • Three-Day Community Safety Seminar Gets Under Way Today

    15 May 2018

    Saskatoon, SK - The Community Safety Seminar gathers together presenters, thought leaders, businesses, organizations, and like-minded individuals to learn about, discuss, and strategize ways in which ...

  • Building a Community of Safe Riders

    17 Apr 2018

    For 45 years, the Saskatchewan Safety Council (Est. 1955) has been bringing together individuals and organizations in the name of safety through its Industrial Safety Seminar. Seeking to do ...

  • Getting there Safely

    17 Apr 2018

    Thanks to the generous support of SGI, 722 mature drivers received free training in the art of safely navigating their Saskatchewan communities and beyond in 2017. “This was the best year yet in...

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