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  • Take a Safe-Tea Break

    13 Aug 2019

    by Amanda LePine - Community Relations Coordinator The other day, I had mentioned to Lavina that I’d never been to the Vintage Tea Room in Regina. She said, “They have great food, and a...

  • Getting to Know Lavina - This is My Cup of Tea

    29 Jul 2019

    Lavina talks about her on-location video shoot with Amanda at the Vintage Tea Room creating a promotional piece for the Council's Safe-Tea events. The Safe Tea sessions, held at various care h...

  • General Fall Prevention Tips

    26 Jul 2019

    Exercise, know your limits, rest often, consider a personal emergency device, and keep important numbers by the phone in case you do need help quickly. Know others? Find more free fall prevention r...

  • Safe Stairs

    18 Jun 2019

    Tips to keep your stairs and stairways safe. Have tips you'd like to share? Comment below. ...

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