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  • Substantial Growth in Program for Youth

    19 Nov 2018

    Career Safety Education is growing significantly in popularity. Since March 1st, 2018, 1,013 youth have registered in the program. Over half of them registered (589) in the first two months ...

  • Lunch and Learn

    29 Oct 2018

    Our Mature Driver Refresher Course has been heating up both the media and community in this chilly fall weather! Throughout October, the course has been offered in various communities in the southern ...

  • Saskatchewan Safety Council joins the RRLIP Partnership Council!

    26 Sep 2018

    The Saskatchewan Safety Council just received news that their application to join the RRLIP Partnership Council was approved. RRLIP, or the Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership, was establ...

  • Coming and Going in a 15-Passenger Van

    24 Sep 2018

    15-Passenger vans have many applications: athletic teams to and from sporting events; school children on field trips; employees to job sites; volunteers to their next activity; you and all your friend...

  • Council CEO Receives National Recognition as Safety Professional of the Year

    11 Sep 2018

    Barely into his mid 30’s, Ryan Jacobson has established himself as leader in injury prevention, and not just within the confines of his workplace, city or province, but nationally. Presented ...

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