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Andy Nagy - 2018 Saskatchewan Safety Hall of Fame Inductee

The Saskatchewan Safety Hall of Fame was launched in 2009 and is an initiative of the Saskatchewan Safety Council, the Northern Light Chapter and South Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.

The Saskatchewan Safety Hall of Fame was developed to honour individuals of noteworthy achievement in the field of Health and Safety that have made lasting impacts to the province of Saskatchewan. In this way the Saskatchewan Safety Hall of Fame records their accomplishments for future generations. The Hall was conceived as a way to give recognition to the people that have permanently shaped and impacted safety in our province. These individuals have positively changed our attitudes, processes and culture of our society while the large majority continue to go unrecognized.

Three classes of inductees have been established; Builders, Volunteers, and Professionals.

Builders are individuals that were involved in the early development of injury prevention and safety promotion in Saskatchewan. This involvement could be either as a volunteer or safety professional.

Volunteers are non-paid safety and injury prevention promoters. This could include professionals who made significant contributions outside of their work. Their nomination would be based on their volunteer work.

Professionals are those working in the field of safety and injury prevention who have accomplished significant change in their industry or the province because of their efforts.

Each nominee is judged on the following:

  1. Achievements that have had a significant impact on their community and or the province
  2. Continual or long-term contributions to Injury Prevention
  3. Leadership activities      

For 2018, Mr. Andy Nagy was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Professional category. 

Nagy has made a significant contribution to safety and injury prevention in the Province of Saskatchewan. In 1997, he was appointed the first Executive Director of the newly created C6 Safety Association; now known as the Motor Safety Association. The Association consisted of 3000 employers which included Car Dealers, Heavy Truck Dealers, Implement Dealers, Auto Body Repair Shops, and Tire Dealers to name a few. Nagy facilitated programs with the high-risk employers in developing a safety culture in their company. Earlier in his career, he played an active role in the development and delivery of safety programs in the trucking industry. 

This included working with SGI in developing road tests for Class 1 Driver Testing. Nagy was actively involved with the SIAST Truck Driver Training Program and an advisor to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, serving on their boards for several years. He also served on the Canadian Trucking Human Resource Council, the Saskatchewan Clean Air Task Force Committee, and was a CSSE committee member.

As a member of the Safety Committee with the Canadian Trucking Association, he worked with members to establish the safety standards under the National Safety Code for the trucking industry.  

Andy has held positions as the Safety Director with the Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) where he held various roles in administration and safety. During his time with the STA, he developed many new programs and initiated improvements to existing ones. Previously to STA, he was an instructor at STI (SIAST) with the Truck Driver Training Program where proper procedures were taught and emphasized.

He received his Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation in 1999 and served as an Exam Proctor for BCRSP for many years. In 1996, he received the Saskatchewan Safety Professional of the Year Award from the Saskatchewan Safety Council.

Upon leaving Saskatchewan in 2009, Andy held the position of Executive Director with the Western Canada Tire Dealers Association until he fully retired in 2016. During this time, he facilitated all the Tire Technician Training for Western Canada. In addition, he served as committee member with the Tire Industry Association, Association of Executives. He also served on the TIA Recycling Committee for the tire industry across North America.

2018 Inductee to the Saskatchewan Safety Hall of Fame, Andy Nagy, gives his acceptance speech at the 2018 Saskatchewan Safety Council Industrial Safety Seminar. For his entire career Andy Nagy has not only been involved with injury prevention, he has been a true leader and has made a significant and lasting impact in Saskatchewan and across Western Canada. 

Anyone can make nominations or be nominated for this year’s Hall of Fame prior to November 1.

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