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Community Safety Seminar

For 45 years, the Saskatchewan Safety Council (Est. 1955) has been bringing together individuals and organizations in the name of safety through its Industrial Safety Seminar. For the last three years, the Council has hosted a Youth and a Senior Safety Summit. For the first time this year, we will combine the youth and senior events with a related workplace seminar and brand the experience as the Community Safety Seminar. It will be held at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, SK on May 15-17, 2018

Why is there a Community Safety Seminar?
In 2010, 6% of fatalities in Saskatchewan were work related, 2% were agriculture related, and 92% were not related to work or agriculture. Saskatchewan has witnessed lower rates of workplace injury, with a 50% drop between 2004 and 2015. The total number of workplace fatalities has dropped every year since 2014.

The successful reduction of injuries in the workplace has come through investments made in education, engineering, and policy changes, although the effects of these does not always carry forward to how employees act away from their place of work.

Regardless of where injuries occur, the costs to those injured may be physical, psychological, and financial. Often there are financial and performance repercussions felt by their employer even though an incident did not take place at work.

All of this highlights the need to place greater emphasis on the prevention of injuries at home, at play, and on the roads of Saskatchewan.

What is the Community Safety Seminar?
Three separate yet complementary single-day safety seminars.

The Community Safety Seminar combines a Youth Safety Seminar, Senior Safety Seminar, and Workplace Safety Seminar. 

The Community Safety Seminar will gather together presenters, thought leaders, businesses, organizations, and like-minded individuals to learn about, discuss, and strategize ways in which participants can Work Together to Achieve a Safe Saskatchewan.

The Senior and Youth days are free to attend. They include local area speakers and networking opportunities. Both days close with an interactive session involving participants.

The Workplace Safety Seminar will focus on seniors and youth in the workplace. There is a morning and an afternoon session. The fee to attend the Workplace Safety Seminar is $50.00 for one session, or $80.00 for both (including lunch).

Who is the Community Safety Seminar for?
Delegates may be from non-profits, government, education, healthcare, care homes, and private companies.
The Community Safety Seminar is an opportunity for community organizations and businesses serving youth and/or seniors to network and learn how to better serve their audiences.

Learn more about the Community Safety Seminar, how to participate or become a sponsor.

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