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Building a Community of Safe Riders

For 45 years, the Saskatchewan Safety Council (Est. 1955) has been bringing together individuals and organizations in the name of safety through its Industrial Safety Seminar.
Seeking to do the same for the motorcycling community, the Council is actively working together with motorcycle dealers, accessory retailers, thought leaders, riding groups, and motorcycle riders in Saskatchewan in an effort to expand the community of safe motorcycle riders.

"The goal is to facilitate the delivery of safe riding information through the establishment of communication strategies, relationships, and events which will result in a tighter-knit, safer, and growing riding community," says Robert Weitzel, Director of Business Development with the Council.

The first of these efforts will be the Saskatchewan Safety Council’s 2018 Spring Rider Refresher Days event. A free event for registered participants who graduated from the Council's 2017 Basic Rider Training Program.

This event is just one more example of the many ways in which the Council is working together with community partners to achieve a safe Saskatchewan.

"Last season, these folks came to us for training for which there was a cost. This event is one way we can further support their efforts to ride a motorcycle safely without it costing them anything," says Neil Painter, Motorcycle Training Coordinator with the Council. "During our Basic Rider Training, we suggest that riders find a safe place to refresh their skills early each riding season. This off-season we decided that it may be a good idea to not only provide that practice location but also to be around to assist them," Neil continued.

The Council plans to set up obstacle courses similar to those experienced in their training session, provide some coaching and be around to answer any questions riders may have. "We've invited local motorcycle dealers, accessory retailers, and riding groups to engage and have a presence during the event thereby exposing the new riders to some of what is available to them as Riders in the Regina area," Weitzel commented.

Subsequent events will be opened to graduates from earlier programs, other programs, and then potentially, to all riders wishing to brush up on their riding skills first thing in the spring in a safe and controlled environment.

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