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Three-Day Community Safety Seminar Gets Under Way Today

Saskatoon, SK - The Community Safety Seminar gathers together presenters, thought leaders, businesses, organizations, and like-minded individuals to learn about, discuss, and strategize ways in which participants can Work Together to Achieve a Safe Saskatchewan

“The successful reduction of injuries in the workplace has come through investments made in education, engineering, and policy changes. These efforts however, do not always carry forward to how employees act away from their place of work. We’ve done a good job with the workforce, that culture needs to go home” says Robert Weitzel, Director of Business Development with the Council.

Community Relations Coordinator with the Council, Merissa Scarlett, says “our goal is to bring together all those people currently working on making the community safer for seniors and youth, provide them with some information, get them talking and sharing best practices… working together is the key."

On the Agenda at Prairieland Park
Tuesday May 15 – Senior Safety Seminar - Proactive Approach to Senior Health and Wellness
Age Friendly Communities - Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism

The Changing Face of Seniors - Cultural Diversities - Open Door Society

Senior Fitness, Importance of Fitness for the Aging - Saskatchewan Health Authority

Dementia Friendly Communities - Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan

Building Respectful Inclusive Communities - Saskatoon Council on Aging

Wednesday May 16 – Youth Safety Seminar - State of Saskatchewan Youth
Status of Youth Safety in Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Well-Being

Research Report – Child Injury in Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

Utilizing Multi-Agency Collaboration to Predict, Assess, and Manage Risk for Violence - Saskatoon City Police

Youth Suicide - Learning from the North - Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth 

Bridging Cultures, Settlement Challenges for Newcomer Youth - Saskatoon Open Door Society

Youth Workplace Injury Prevention - WCB Saskatchewan
Thursday May 17 - Workplace Safety Seminar - The Next Step is Education
Overcoming Difficult Conversations - Elizabeth Teliz-McQuarri

Leveraging Technology to Improve Safety in the Workplace - Serese Selanders

The three-day event is sponsored in part by CAA Saskatchewan, The Mosaic Company, and Orano.

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