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A Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

“I feel like a spaceman!” was one of the many creative responses to our June 14th exhibit at the Belle Plaine Colony Progressive Agriculture Safety Day. It was not a surprising comment given that this young man had just attempted to don every piece of personal protective equipment we had in our booth.

Wouldn't you feel like a spaceman too?

Peter Bell, coordinator of the event, and principal at the Belle Plaine colony school, championed the day by inviting 7 other colony schools to attend. Visitors engaged with 37 different displays, covering fire extinguisher training, driving, railway safety, grain bin entrapment, hazard identification, chemical safety from Health Canada, dental health, drowning, and more. Held throughout the province, across Canada, and the United States, a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day teaches children about being safe and healthy through stations from various community organizations.

The Saskatchewan Safety Council was on-site to talk about handling herbicides (and other chemicals) safely.

Bayer Crop Science graciously provided examples of chemicals that the children and adults in attendance have seen in person. A huge thank you to 3M and Vallen for donating various personal protective equipment for participants to try on and look at.

Many visitors to the Council display were aware of the hazards of working with pesticides and/or other chemicals, and were wearing the proper personal equipment. We did however field many great questions about respirators and which to wear while painting (you would want a half-face respirator with organic vapour cartridges and the replaceable P95 filters).Health Canada's PPE display for working with pesticides.

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day event was a great example of how a community can be a model for safety and how, when we all work together, we can create a province of safety excellence.

A huge thanks to Peter Bell from Belle Plaine Colony School and all other organizations who participated. And thank you to 3M, Vallen, and Bayer Crop Science for helping us communicate about safety.


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