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For a Great Cause!

“Some kid I know mixed chemicals and had them splash in his face.”

“Can you throw a fire extinguisher at a fire to put it out?”

“I feel safety is becoming more important at work. I have to wear a high-vis vest every time I am in the parking lot.”

If you are going to travel three and a half hours east of Saskatoon to talk safety to youth, you must be prepared to take the bad with the good.

19 students took part in the first Cade Sprackman Safety Day in Hudson Bay, a community of 1500 people two hours north of Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

This day was all about practical training and the sharing of stories. Student participants in the Cade Sprackman Safety Day had already recently completed their Young Worker’s Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC), Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) 2015, and Safety Construction Orientation Training (SCOT) courses online and at no charge through the Career Safety Education program.Put that digital fire out!


After greetings from town mayor, Glenn McCaffery, a presentation by Weyerhauser Health and Safety Manager, Jason Davies, and the Safety Council presentation on worker’s rights, students got some hands-on fire extinguisher training as part of the Introduction to Fire Extinguishers program offered by the Council. The course provides information on emergency planning and teaches techniques for effectively extinguishing fires using a fire extinguisher.


The community of Hudson Bay embraced Cade Sprackman Safety Day with members showing their support in various ways. Michelle Gulka, the school vice principal, welcomed us into the school and enrolled 19 students immediately upon hearing about the opportunity for training. On the day of the event, the Bracken Family came out with food and barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers for the group…a great surprise addition to the event.

The day was one more example of how an entire community can come together and work with us to achieve a safe Saskatchewan.

With an eye to expand the event, next year we’ll do our best to involve more students and more people from the community of Hudson Bay.

Interested in being involved or sponsoring an event like this? Or do you want to bring a similar day to your community? Let us know!


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