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Council Community Safety Playlist Goes Multilingual

The Saskatchewan Safety Council's vision is "Creating a safer Saskatchewan to live, work and play" for everyone. It is in this spirit that the Council has begun adding a stream of videos to its YouTube channel which have been translated into languages commonly spoken by residents of our province.

Robert Weitzel, Director of Development with the Council, says "I'd like to see a day when every language is covered, and not just those spoken by new residents, by all residents. With over 60 years of program development under our belts, we've amased mountains of safety information relevant to people in every corner of this province. With the ability to deliver content online, distance is no longer a barrier. All we need to do is find champions of safety in every community who can deliver the information. Having that information already translated and made culturally appropriate is key, so right now we're building those relationships and delivery strategies."

One of the Council's strategic priorities is to create opportunities for high risk demographics to have access to high quality free training and safety information. Those demographics include the elderly, remote first nations communities, new residents of Saskatchewan, and youth.

The Council needs support in this initiative. Some of that support will come in the way of direct pledges, some through membership, and some through paid safety training. "What many people don't know about the Council is that when they register for safety training with us, they are supporting a charity. In other words, training with us is helping fund a growing list of programs" Weitzel said.

The next step is to establish a network of volunteers to participate in the creation of the materials and act as liaisons within their communities. "Funding partners and sponsorships are required to support the creative process and delivery of the content because it's not just a simple as making it and sticking it online," Weitzel commented.

What has been learned through the development of strong safety cultures in workplaces needs to find a way into our homes and recreational activities. The Council has the knowledge, ability and desire to lead this change. Together, we'll Create a Province of Safety Excellence.


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