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Ag in Motion

What happens when you mix innovation, agriculture, crop plots, and the outdoors? You get Ag in Motion!

Had you encountered us at the largest agricultural trade show in Western Canada last week you would have found us talking about Agriculture Safety…and the people we met were awesome with their safety questions, their stories, and their mad skills at backing trailers up.Yes, we let people drive that!

What was that? We had people backing up a trailer? Yep. We did that. Not in a race to back the trailer up the quickest, but as part of a safety challenge. Participants learned safe practices for backing up a trailer, securing a load, and inspecting a vehicle and trailer before driving off.

Thanks to Bayer Crop Science, we were able to have a chemical tote (don’t worry, it was never used) and some empty chemical containers to secure to the small UTV. (Thanks Ken Matechuk, a Canada Safety Council Instructor in ATV/UTV training in Southern Saskatchewan, for letting us borrow his UTV and trailer for the week.)

Our course wasn’t super hard, but involved some tricky components. Participants had to drive the UTV forward and then back it around a corner. Before any towing happened, we coached participants through a vehicle and trailer circle-check. We tried to thwart them by unhooking safety chains or only putting only one strap on the load, but all participants caught our little tricks.

One of our participants just started learning how to back up a trailer a couple of weeks before attempting our course. She was excited to pick up some tips and did very well. Rick Schwartz, Council Program Coordinator, going over some important backing up safely tips.

Another participant, a teen who just started driving, wanted to work on backing up trailers. Her dad “volun-told” her to participate. Nervously she agreed. However, we guided her through and she walked away with more knowledge to aid her in backing up the family boat!

What are your safe backing tips? What would you like to see or do at our booth in the future?


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