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First Ride

“You need to sit down so you don’t crash your face!” Best safety tip ever.

On August 21st and 22nd, the Saskatchewan Safety Council participated in the third annual First Ride program hosted by Regina Catholic Schools and Regina Public Schools.

First Ride is a program for students going into Kindergarten. It affords youngsters the chance to ride a school bus and learn about school bus safety before the very first day of school. The event is full of excitement, nervousness, and even tears. Mostly from the parents.

Large turnout for First Ride!

We asked the children for their best safety tips for the school bus and heard everything from "no chewing gum", "no yelling", and "hold the railing when getting on or off the bus". Or "sit down to not crash your face."

Asking the students, “What do you do with your hands, arms, legs, and feet when you are on the bus?”

“Keep them to yourself!”

Having a hard time remembering that? Take your arms and bring them in nice and tight to your sides and give yourself small t-rex arms. Who thought being safe meant being a dinosaur?

The Regina Catholic Schools and Regina Public Schools work together to host the event, and CAA Saskatchewan and the Regina Police-School Resource Officers, along with ourselves, come out and assist with the event.

Along with school bus safety, the students learn how to cross a street safely and about the School Safety Patrollers they may see at school. These streets were made for crossing!


A record number of 358 students participated this year highlighting, once again, how working together can achieve a safer Saskatchewan.



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