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Summer Bash!

Summer Bash is not a grand wrestling or boxing match that happens in Regina. It’s also not a sporting competition.

It’s a very family friendly late-summer event geared to the Regina communities of Albert Park and Harbour Landing. Along with a free breakfast and BBQ, community members interact with the variety of free activities and entertainment offered.

The Saskatchewan Safety Council was invited to join in the festivities for the day and just couldn’t say no to a day in the community! Being a part of events like these lets us meet new people and spread the message of safety, such as wear your bike helmet or what you should be wearing while mowing your lawn or riding an ATV.

The second annual Summer Bash was a great success with many other community groups participating, such as our neighbours, the Regina Public Library and Special Olympics Saskatchewan.

What would you wear to mow the lawn safely?

We engaged with visitors to our display by asking children (and adults) to match the safety gear to the summer activity. What safety gear should you be wearing while you mow the lawn?

  • Earmuffs (protect your hearing)
  • Safety Glasses (protect your eyes)
  • Work gloves (protect your hands)
  • Boots (protect your toes)
  • Pants (protect your legs)

Or as one child said, “You wear boots, so you don’t mow your toes off!”

What safety gear do you wear while working around home?


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