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Saskatchewan Safety Council joins the RRLIP Partnership Council!

The Saskatchewan Safety Council just received news that their application to join the RRLIP Partnership Council was approved. RRLIP, or the Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership, was established through a partnership between the Regina Regional Intersectoral Committee and Regina Open Door Society in 2014. The goal of the Local Immigration partnership is to support newcomers to become fully engaged in the social, economic, and cultural life in their new community.

Part of the Saskatchewan Safety Council's strategic plan is to provide access to high quality free training and safety information for high risk demographics, including newcomers to Saskatchewan. Being a member of RRLIP allows us to identify safety topics of interest to newcomers and provide key resources to ensure all of our residents are living safely. 

The vision of RRLIP is that Regina welcomes newcomers, values, and celebrates diversity and supports the integration of all residents. RRLIP is guided by a multi-sector Partnership Council and Immigrant Advisory Table.

The Saskatchewan Safety Council joins a long list of partners on the Partnership Council:

  • Regina Human Service Partnership
  • Regina Open Door Society (Settlement Sector Rep)
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada 
  • Regina Fire and Protective Services 
  • Réseaux en immigration francophone (RIF-SK)
  • UR International - University of Regina
  • City of Regina – Community/Cultural Development
  • Regina Public Schools (Language Sector Rep)
  • Government of Saskatchewan (Labour Market Services, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training) 
  • Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region 
  • Regina Public Library
  • Assemblee Communautaire Fransaskoise – (Settlement Sector Rep)
  • Regina Police Service 
  • RRLIP Immigrant Advisory Table (Representative) 

Thanks to the Partnership Council of RRLIP The Saskatchewan Safety Council looks forward to working together to ensure our newest residents are living safely.

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