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Lunch and Learn

Our Mature Driver Refresher Course has been heating up both the media and community in this chilly fall weather! Throughout October, the course has been offered in various communities in the southern half of the province.A hot lunch is perfect for days like this.

In the third week of October, we were invited to present at the The Salvation Army’s Lunch and Learn for seniors in Regina. There we spoke about the aging driver and provided tips on mitigating the effects of age on driving.

The presentation was a brief overview of our Mature Driver Refresher Course, talking about changes in vision, reaction times, and…wait a second…a lunch and learn for seniors?! That’s right, the Salvation Army puts on a hot lunch for seniors every first and third Tuesday of the month! The bonus is you gain some knowledge on a relevant topic!

And let me tell you, this lunch is not a bagged sandwich and a piece of fruit. This past Tuesday, it was beef stew, mashed potatoes, caesar salad, homemade biscuit, AND a piece of cake for dessert. Along with the tasty food, its a great chance to meet other seniors and socialize. 

Reducing senior isolation and loneliness is very important. Loneliness and isolation can increase susceptibility to depression and illness. Even when health is not adversely affected, quality of life is lowered in older adults who are isolated. You can read more here.

November 6th to 12th was National Senior Safety Week and sharing social events like this can make their lives safer.

It’s only $5.00 and runs every first and third Tuesday of the month. If you consider yourself a senior, head on down to the Salvation Army for a session. You can call 306-757-4600 for more information.


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