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Substantial Growth in Program for Youth

Career Safety Education is growing significantly in popularity. Since March 1st, 2018, 1,013 youth have registered in the program. Over half of them registered (589) in the first two months of this school year.

Youth from 140 different communities across the province have registered. Every yellow pin in the image below represents a community where a participant has registered in the program.

36 different schools are participating, each of which are led by safety champion teachers. Shout out to the fantastic educators who are making safety a priority for our youth!

Although most participants have registered through their high school class or school system, 240 have done so on their own out of a desire to increase their employability.

Career Safety Education is available to all Saskatchewan youth aged 14 to 21 years. And it is trending. #safety #resumeskills #teenboss

In case you didn’t hear, Career Safety Education is a safety training program developed specifically for Saskatchewan youth... and it's free, thanks to a strategic alliance between several industry partners. There are four courses, three of which form the program core, and one elective. The core courses cover employer rights and responsibilities, mental wellness, and hazardous chemical handling. The list of electives, chosen based on the participant’s career interests, currently includes: Agriculture, Building Construction, Energy, Healthcare, or Road Construction.

Do you know a youth between 14 and 21 years? Or a secondary school teacher? Share the program and have them register at


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