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Driving Distracted, or the tale of “Ooooo, look at the shiny thing over there!”

In case you haven’t noticed, the Council has been putting out a great deal more video content as of late. Through this process, I've been learning a few things. One was the term ‘streeter’. Or, “Can we do that thing where we go out into the street and ask people what they think?”

A streeter is a journalism term for heading to the streets and hearing from everyday people their opinions on a certain topic. In October, we did just that... a streeter about distracted driving.

Lots of interesting things were heard about what people had seen others do, as well as some honest confessions of "possibly" being distracted while driving.  The most common thing people think of when they hear distracted driving is using a cell phone while driving. But, did you know that distracted driving does not just refer to cell phone usage behind the wheel?Put the soup down while driving. Even though it looks so yummy.

Distracted driving can refer to any activity that takes your attention away from driving. In other words, you put your phone away, but you also need to put down the bowl of soup while you drive.

Jackie Bosch, Community Relations Coordinator in Traffic Safety Promotions for SGI helped us out with the facts of distracted driving. The biggest take-away was that in 2017 in Saskatchewan, there were over 6400 collisions resulting from driver distraction. Of those collisions, there were 954 injuries and 26 fatalities. Watch the full video.

Hopefully those numbers are enough to make you focus on driving next time you are in the car.

Stay tuned for more video content about injury prevention. We’ll be coming to a street near you! Do you have any video ideas? Please share your ideas with us!


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