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Safety Pays for Saskatoon High School

In support of Youth Safety Education Day way back on September 10th, 2018, we launched a contest to recognize teachers and schools who registered for free safety training through Career Safety Education.

Each teacher received a $10 Proud students and winners!gift card redeemable for warm beverages or a book. Their school was entered in a draw to win $1000.00.

On October 17th, 2018, the draw was made and Janelle Paproski, who teaches at Bishop Murray High School in Saskatoon, won the cash prize!

Janelle enrolled her grade ten Career Education class in the program. We asked her a few questions about the program and what her school will be doing with the funds.

How did you hear about Career Safety Education?

I added @saskadvocate onto Instagram after the teacher conference in August. From there, I saw a post that lead me to Career Safety Education.

What class did you enroll in Career Safety Education and why does this program fit in that course?

We have enrolled two Career Education 10 classes this fall. We learn about safety in the workplace, so this program fit perfectly. A lot of students were interested in getting certified in WHMIS so they could be knowledgeable in this subject once they start working.

Why do you think Career Safety Education is important for youth?

As the rate of injuries is high in youth workers, it is important that they are trained in how to be safe at work. If they have the knowledge they can also pass on this information to others and look out for their co-workers whether it be at school or in the workplace.

Would you recommend Career Safety Education to other teachers? Why?

I would recommend Career Safety Education to other teachers because it allows students to gain important knowledge. This program ran smoothly and gave the students a chance to add something to their resumes.

How will Bishop Murray High School use the $1000.00?

Bishop Murray will be directing the funds to the Work Education program within the school. Often, money gets taken out of the budget for the students to be prepared for their work placement. We will use the money from the contest to fund steel toed boots, work gloves and professional clothing for interviews. With this money the students will be prepared to work in any environment.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Career Safety Education has been a smooth process for us. We are grateful that there are great people running the program for support whenever needed. Thanks so much for the extra money – it will go far in our school.


A huge thank you to all educators who participated and continue to participate in Career Safety Education.


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