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Take a Safe-Tea Break

by Amanda LePine - Community Relations Coordinator

The other day, I had mentioned to Lavina that I’d never been to the Vintage Tea Room in Regina. She said, “They have great food, and an amazing atmosphere, we should go!” So Lavina and I went for lunch that same day.

I can’t speak for Lavina, but I know the experience I had was extraordinary. Several types of tea to choose from, a large menu with tasty mixtures of ingredients, and the dessert list was my weakness. I had 3 different kinds of desserts, and every single bite was delicious. I highly recommend a visit to the Vintage Tea Room. The owners, Karen and Doug, sure have a passion for what they do and they provide outstanding customer service. 

As we indulged in lunch, I mentioned how neat it would be to talk about our new informal speaker series called Safe-Tea while in the Vintage Tea Room. “We could get all dressed up, sip tea, and make content to share with everyone in the community,” I suggested.

Now, you may be wondering, what is Safe-Tea? The Safe-Tea is a FREE one-hour presentation at a venue of your choice. The Saskatchewan Safety Council created Safe-Tea as a platform for conversations with seniors and their caregivers. Initially, the topics will include home fall prevention, fraud prevention, and our Mature Driver Refresher Course (55-Alive).

Within a couple of days, Lavina and I were back at the Vintage Tea Room for our production day. Karen and Doug were thrilled to have us. Karen brought out her special silver tea set and shared with us some tea drinking etiquette. Did you know lifting your pinky while drinking tea is not proper? I did not! To properly sip tea, you can hold your teacup with both hands, but when you bring your cup to your lips… you should be holding the teacup with one hand. I always used to loop my finger through the teacup handle, which as it turns out, is also improper. That day, I learned way more than I thought there was to know about teas and the proper way to drink them. Now, I am ready to drink all the tea and smile knowing I’m a proper tea-drinking lady. Lavina and I will be taking a #Safe-Tea break often.  

Safe-Tea builds relationships with active seniors in the community. We focus on seniors, their families, caregivers, and community service providers. This is an opportunity to bring quality information to those in our community.
Want to host a Safe-Tea event? Call us today or visit our website to choose a date and time. Let’s take a #Safe-Tea break together! We’ll even supply the tea. Everything is better with tea, right? 
We are looking for passionate, capable partners who would like to promote and champion Safe-Tea events. The Safe-Tea focuses on building awareness and delivering safety information to seniors in our community. If you would like to support Safe-Tea, please email: 


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