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Safe Choice

Life is filled with choices. We make thousands of choices every single day that shape our lives for the better or for the worse and effect our family, friends and communities. These choices will form habits that shape our personality and will be demonstrated to our family and friends through our actions. There are a great many things we cannot control in life, however we can control the most important thing of all; the choices we make every day. We choose to not drive after drinking, we choose to ask for help when needed; we choose to wear a seatbelt, we choose to use the right tool for the job, we choose to go slow through a school zone, we choose to turn the phone off before driving and we choose to be a leader by providing a good example for others to follow. We Make Safety the Right Choice for our family, friends, community and even our pets.

Join the growing social movement and tell us who it is that you make safe choices for!


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