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Why Support the Saskatchewan Safety Council?

Safety equals happiness. Being safe is a practice developed through a series of experiences which resonate. Some of those experiences come in the form of training while others through the adoption into a safe culture.

Support of a Saskatchewan Safety Council program or event is a great way to engage with and gain positive exposure within your community and in front of potential customers. Helping provide education and supporting safety-related initiatives reflects well on your organization.

The association of your business with the experience of becoming safer is a great way to indicate the safety culture of your organization. This can serve to attract and retain employees as it earns the respect of the families of staff.

Being seen as an organization that aligns with those who can assist in helping others be safe shows that your business cares enough about safety to reinvest in the delivery of safety programs throughout your community.

Those individuals who are directly involved in safety roles within a business share their views daily. Sponsoring safety-related training and initiatives is an indication of how the organization as a whole views the importance of safety.

Our partner and sponsorship packages provide a return on investment, in the form of promotional reach and impressions, that extends well beyond the program participants to include visitors to our website, readers of our blog, and those engaged with us on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube properties.

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