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It’s Better to Prevent than to Treat

“If it helps save just one life, then it’s worth doing”, was the response from Lyle Jacobson when asked what prompted him to acquire and then directly donate a $3,500 tripod and hoist system to the Saskatchewan Safety Council. “I knew that the Council could use it for their fall protection training, so I bought it”, he continued.

Lyle has always been on the lookout for ways to improve safety. It started in the 80s while working as an Emergency Medical Technician. He ultimately found himself frustrated with that line of work, having to repeatedly inform the loved ones of those involved in motor vehicle collisions or other incidents that there was “nothing more he could do”. “Eventually I realized that there was something more I could do. Rather than focusing on what happened, I could focus on why it happened. I could focus on prevention rather than treatment” he said.

Since that revelation, if you will, Lyle has tirelessly focused on safety training and injury prevention. His accolades stand to prove that as he has been inducted into both the Saskatchewan Safety Hall of Fame and named Saskatchewan Safety Professional of the Year. “The awards are a nice result of the work I’ve done in safety, but it’s certainly never been the reason why I’ve done it” Lyle says.

Lincoln & Lyle doing a bit of shed maintenance.A father of three and grandfather of six, Lyle sees the results of injury prevention work in youth. “Every day that I spend time with Lincoln, my 6-year-old grandson, I’m reminded of the most important results of my career in safety. Seeing him make safe choices and encouraging others around him, including myself, to be safe is proof that we’ve made a difference. He’s obviously a product of what he’s learned from both my daughter Lorinda (also a safety professional) and myself”, Lyle commented about spending time with his youngest grandchild. 

Lyle says, “It’s the culture Lincoln is growing up in, surrounded by safety, that bodes well for tomorrow. If I donate a tripod, maybe someone will learn something safe from its use. Perhaps they’ll go on to have children and grandchildren who also make safe choices… did I mention I got a tax receipt?”

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