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Supporting the Council Just Got Easier

We are very excited to announce the implementing of our new PayPal Donate button. Ryan Jacobson, CEO of the Saskatchewan Safety Council, says "We are very proud of the charitable work that we continually provide. It is one thing for us to tell people that we are a charity and another to be able to point them in the direction of showing immediate support through a mechanism that will allow them to quickly make a donation without any hassles."

"We have a long list of projects, both current and pending, that with the public's support we can make happen. There are countless school students who would be enrolled in our Early Safety Training Program if only we had more funding to deliver it to them. This year we developed an online agriculture safety orientation tool that is amazing and completely free thanks to peoples support; with just a bit more money for messaging, we would be able to encourage more farm families to take it. Fall prevention for seniors is another area we are focused on that could really use some additional resources" says Jacobson.

In the last two years, we have provided FREE training in over 50 communities. There are tangible results to donations made to the Safety Council. Results that effect Saskatchewan residents of all ages. Next time you are contemplating a donation to a charity, regardless of the size of that donation, think of the Saskatchewan Safety Council.

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