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Sock it to ‘em

Working outdoors in Saskatchewan winters can have its drawbacks… like cold winds and blowing snow which can lead to near frozen feet and fingers to name a couple.

Having witnessed a winter day at its worst while attending the Saskatchewan Safety Council’s Skid Smart Collision Avoidance course, a participant duly noted the conditions experienced by the instructors. “They were outside working in freezing temperatures, providing directions and setting up pylons while we (the students) sat very comfortably in our warm vehicles”, he said. “I really appreciated what the instructors were going through in their efforts to educate us”.

As a show of appreciation for our staff who work in such chilly weather conditions, this kind student who wished to remain anonymous, dropped off 8 pairs of “Toasty warm llama socks” at the Council office.

The socks came from a local herd at Dragonfly Llamas. On the label of each pair was the name and photograph of the particular llama or llamas from which the fibres were sheared to make that particular pair of socks… A nice touch.

Perhaps we should send a photo of each instructor who will be wearing the socks back to the llama’s farm so they can see who they’ve kept warm all winter… it’s a charity thing. ;)

We truly appreciate this gentleman looking out for the well-being of our employees and donating these items. Acts like his warm our toes and our hearts. It’s another way in which we continue to “work together to achieve a safe Saskatchewan.”

More can be learned about Dragonfly Llama socks at

Here is a link to information on our Skid Smart Collision Avoidance course and a link to where you too can make a donation or support the Council.

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