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You Like us on Facebook, now See Us First

Ever noticed that your Facebook feed is dominated by big brands who can seemingly "hear everything you say" and see everything you type? Welcome to the world of big data dominance, and re-marketing. Some find convenience in this constant feed of familiar streams and feeds. Others find it downright creepy.

How does one get Facebook to show what you want to see? There is a way. Facebook has provided a means through which you can elevate your personal interests above the content of the paying advertisers and, in some cases, even above your cousin's request to play Candy Crush and FarmVille. With any luck, the setting described below will even push that modern day chain letter from your "friend" (to whom you last spoke with in grade four), who has indicated if you don't Like and Share his post after tagging 169 of your other closest friends, you will be sure to parish in a plume of purple and teal-coloured smoke after living out your remaining days on a secluded glacier in the arctic with an iPod classic repeatedly playing Larry Gowan music, down in your stream.

Start by visiting the Facebook page of your favourite safety-related charity. After "Liking" the page, click on the "Following" button as indicated in the photo and select "See First" under IN YOUR NEWS FEED. This way you’ll always see our content at or near the top of your feed and thus, have an opportunity to share it with your family, friends and other followers. Sharing our content is one more way in which we can continue to “Work together to achieve a safe Saskatchewan”.

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