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Council Expands Online Training Store

The Saskatchewan Safety Council has just added four new affordable and convenient online training courses to its already diverse menu of safety training services. In doing so, training has been expanded into the areas of electrical safety training as well as wilderness safety in the form of Bear Awareness training.

"We are excited to continue to build capacity in our high quality online offerings to ensure we can further eliminate barriers for organizations and individuals wanting to access high quality learning regardless of their location" said Ryan Jacobson, CEO of the Council. "With the launch of the free Online Agriculture Training System in 2016 we established a framework of technology that allows us to make additional safety courses available."  

The online Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) course takes learners through a real-world scenario involving workplace hazards they face every day. Focused on providing workers the tools they need to better understand chemical hazards and safety measures, the course aims to help employees and contractors develop a safety-based mindset. Knowledge checks throughout the course ensure learners understand the content. Engaging visuals, including 3D and animations, along with interactive scenarios motivate learners to embrace the learning experience and stimulate them to take action. This course meets the basic training mandated by OSHA’s Hazcom Requirements in the USA and CCOSH’s WHMIS Requirements in Canada. It includes the key elements of the WHMIS system, including hazard classification, cautionary labeling of containers, the provision of (material) safety data sheets ((M)SDSs), and worker, employer, and supplier roles and responsibilities. The worldwide hazard communication system known as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling for chemicals (GHS) is also reflected in this course.

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) course helps learners understand the federal regulations around transporting dangerous goods. It covers how to identify and classify dangerous goods, fulfill the roles and responsibilities of shippers, drivers and handlers, prepare and maintain a shipping document, and report releases, including accidental releases. Geared at anyone who handles, transports, or offers to transport dangerous goods, this course outlines the roles and responsibilities for both workers and employers. Vibrant visuals and informative iconography highlight the learning, which focuses on the use of safety marks, classification, and documentation as effective awareness tools for people involved in the transportation industry. In Canada this course meets the basic training regulations as governed by Transport Canada’s Dangerous Goods (Transportation) Act. It also meets the standards outlined in the US D.O.T. Code of Federal Regulations Title 49.

The Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) is a highly interactive, media-rich experience that uses a 3D “virtual electrical workplace” to immerse learners in real-life scenarios. This unique digital electrical classroom helps showcase vital concepts and skills. Each module includes a knowledge check that uses interactive elements to engage the learner in the subject matter. ESTS provides electrical hazard-specific training related to hierarchical preventive and protective control measures. This course, which covers a broad range of topics, was developed using industry-accepted best practice standards in support of meeting OSHA and OH&S Regulatory due diligence for arc flash and shock. It was produced in partnership with industry-leading subject matter experts.

We all have a responsibility to protect the environment. Bears and other wildlife are part of that environment. This highly engaging Bear Awareness course follows recommended government guidelines for wilderness safety and bear encounters. It helps learners gain a better understanding of the preventative measures they can take to protect both themselves and wildlife when working and playing in the great outdoors. Participants will learn how to tell the difference between grizzly and black bears, as well as what they need to do to stay safe if they encounter a bear. From 3D graphics to interactive scenarios and activities, this course gives learners the tools they need to properly prepare for any outdoor experience.

Single or multiple course enrollments can be purchased through our easy-to-use online training storefront.

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