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How does your safety program measure up?

The Saskatchewan Safety Council recognized Wascana Centre Authority with a Certificate of Recognition for their Safety Management System. They are the first organization to successfully meet all the requirements of the Council’s Safety Program Certification system.

The Safety Program Certification system enables an organization to develop, implement and review their Health and Safety Management System against a third party recognized standard. The process can be valuable for showcasing due diligence through the ongoing monitoring and evaluating of management systems and continuous improvement. Throughout the process, there are opportunities to recognize an organizations strengths, as well as possible areas for improvement.CEO of Wascana Centre Authority, Bernadette McIntyre, accepts a Safety Program Certificate of Recognition from Saskatchewan Safety Council CEO, Ryan Jacobson

To reach this level, Wascana Centre Authority had to first meet minimum training and program development requirements. They then conducted an internal evaluation of their organizations Safety Management System. The internal evaluation is required to reach a minimum of 80% rating and pass a quality assurance verification. Wascana Centre Authority then applied to have the Saskatchewan Safety Council staff perform an external verification audit of their safety systems. This external audit verified a standing that meets or exceeds the 80% requirement and enabled Wascana Centre Authority to be issued the first Certificate of Recognition from the Saskatchewan Safety Council.

This program adheres to the standards set out by the Saskatchewan Joint Industry Committee. Further program information can be found at

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