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All the Safety Training!

Working at the Saskatchewan Safety Council provides the opportunity to dabble in all the safety training available. Whether it’s the Defensive Driving Course or Online Agriculture Training System (OATS), there are many opportunities for safety training around here. Goal for 2017? Attempt to participate in all the training offered by the Council. Okay, maybe that is too large of a goal, but it’s a great lifetime one.

My first experience was completing some of the online training the Council offers. The first was the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training. Trained for only 2 hours and I can now tell you what all those symbols on chemicals mean

Note to self... don't eat this. ;)

All kidding aside, the WHMIS online training was quick and easy to complete. Having done WHMIS before, it wasn’t all that new to me, but completing OATS was completely new and fascinating! Where I grew up in Ontario, everyone has a family member who worked or works in the mining industry. In Saskatchewan, everyone has a family member who owns or works on a farm or in the agriculture industry.

OATS is a general orientation for young or new farm workers and an excellent source of information for more experienced workers or other people interested agriculture. The course provides a general introduction and overview of health and safety hazards and risks on most farms. Besides all the safety information, the best part is that it is completely FREE. Did you hear me? Or read me? FREE! There are tonnes of activities to complete within the training and the information is broken down into manageable chunks, so you can’t fall asleep during it. With our sponsors, memberships, and our training fees, we can offer FREE safety training to a major industry in Saskatchewan. If you work on a farm, or own a farm, or know someone in the industry, point them towards this training. You may save a life. 

No wonder it can't breathe, it has a plastic bag in its mouth ;).

Another fantastic opportunity was completing my Standard First Aid and CPR, Level C training. Are you choking with all the safety training you’re hearing about? Don’t worry, I can help! 

Having First Aid and CPR is a great skill to have. Not only at work, but for at home or at play, you would be ready to help. And you get to spend some time with some very pale people.

Do you have your standard First Aid and CPR? Check out our training calender. After completing Standard First Aid and CPR, you will feel ready to handle any emergencies that may arise.

Have you taken First Aid and have an example of when it was useful? If you're comfortable doing so, tell me about it.


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