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Learning to Ride

Do you drive a motorcycle? Why do you ride? Are you a beginner or do you have years of experience?

Besides looking super cool, motorcycles can be: a green method of transport, a cheaper vehicle to maintain, an easy vehicle to park and manoeuvre in the city, and a whole lot of fun. At the Saskatchewan Safety Council, we know riders are participating in an inherently risky behaviour. Because we want you to be safe while doing so, we currently offer two courses related to motorcycle riding: Basic Rider Training and Experienced Rider Training.

You’re probably asking, “Why is she writing about this?” Well, I participated in the Basic Rider Training this past weekend. That’s right, I want to ride a motorcycle. Taking the course was not something I had to do for work, this was a personal choice. Completing the Basic Rider Training course just made sense to me. Learn safe driving techniques and save some money with SGI? Sounds like a deal to me!

The Council has been involved with motorcycle training since 1974. The Basic Rider Training course is an intensive 20-hour weekend course that equips riders with defensive driving techniques, information on motorcycle gear, rules of driving on the road, and how to ride a motorcycle. But the coolest part is all the riding that you do in the course!

Look at all the curves!

On the Friday evening, we started in the classroom, going over the rules for the weekend, and the basics of motorcycles, and then went out and started riding. The course has small motorcycles, ranging from 125cc to 250cc, with a few different styles of bikes allowing you to try out a variety. And did I mention that the course is done at RCMP Depot Division? Yes, the place where they provide RCMP Cadets with police driving skills. No parking lots here!

On the first night, we were out on the bikes for 3 hours. 3 hours! In those 3 hours, we went from learning how to start the bike to cruising in 2nd gear. After this one evening, I knew I wanted to ride.

Riding with proper gear is the #SafeChoice!



We rode almost all of Saturday, spending only about 2 hours in the classroom. The lesson was presented in the class, then we would immediately go out and perform it on the bikes. Sunday would be the same, except we had to be evaluated in the afternoon.

This course is not just for beginners. Some of the participants in my group had rode for years, but they all agreed that they gained so much knowledge and skills from the course. The instructors were top-notch, answering all sorts of questions and making it a supportive environment. Being riders themselves, their passion was contagious and made it a fun experience.

If you or someone you know is thinking about riding a motorcycle, point them in the direction of our Basic Rider Training. Not only does it save money at SGI, it is the #SafeChoice to be prepared for the road. 

Unfortunately, we are full for our Basic Riding Training this season, but stay tuned to our website in February 2018 to register for next season! 

- Merissa


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