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Singular Source for All Things Safety Related in Saskatchewan

Who are we? The Saskatchewan Safety Council!

What do we want? To work together to achieve a safe Saskatchewan!

Who do we want it from? You!

When do we want it? Now!

Well, that cheer/chant probably won’t catch on anytime soon. And we wouldn’t want our staff running around yelling that at you, you would get annoyed. And if you are annoyed, you won’t make safe choices (have you heard about our #SafeChoice social media contest where you could win a $10,000 travel voucher from CAA Saskatchewan?).

The Saskatchewan Safety Council is your singular source for all things safety-related in Saskatchewan (apparently, we are quite fascinated by the sound of the letter ‘s’) and we do this by working with others to help them make safe choices. In my brief time here, all this working togetherness has been quite evident.

Look up. Look way up!

I recently received a call from someone who lives in Buffalo Narrows (who knew me from my blog, totally making my day :D) that had a question about safety. “Use first name” asked if there are any regulations for the different sizes of fire extinguishers needed on heavy equipment. He also inquired as to what current OH&S safety legislation should be referenced.

Since I am so knowledgeable on fire extinguishers (#Not #NotYet), I forwarded the questions off to one of our subject matter experts, Ryan Durand.

What did we learn? Well, there are no specific regulations concerning fire extinguisher size for heavy equipment. Ryan recommends checking the owner manual first, and then contacting a fire specialty safety store for their recommendations.

AND…the current legislation for Saskatchewan is The Saskatchewan Employment Act & The Occupational Health & Safety Regulations, 1996.

The more you know, right?!

This occurrence was a great way to see how the Safety Council is the singular source for all things safety-related in Saskatchewan, and, how we work with others to create a safer Saskatchewan. If you have a question about anything safety, please give us a call (1-306-757-3197 or toll free at 1-855-280-7115) or send us an email at



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