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“Fall” into Safe Choices

As we welcome fall, entries for our #SafeChoice social media contest continue to pour in… unlike the rains. One of my favourite things to do is look at all the entries we receive. 

Isn't it beautiful? It doesn't mean winter is coming, right?

The safe choices we Saskatchewanites (or is it Saskatchewanians? - Being one now I have to get it straight.) make every day make me so happy!

I have participated in the contest myself and find it interesting to think about the safe choices I make every day. Friends have asked, “Can I just take a picture of grabbing something hot from the oven while wearing an oven mitt?” Why, yes, yes you can. That’s a great #SafeChoice.

But it’s not always as simple as wearing an oven mitt. Safety is often pushed into the dark corners of our mind behind cobwebs and boxes of embarrassing memories. Perhaps a little safety humour will brush those cobwebs away. With autumn around us, it is a great time to think about some of the safe choices you could be doing! If you focus on these safe choices, it will totally distract you from the fact that winter is coming, I guarantee it.


Merissa’s List of Safe Choices for Fall

  • Watch for children while driving! Not only are they out and about heading to school, but they can be hiding in leaves next to the road. (Maybe with spiders – what’s up with the spiders this year?)Don't fall over with all these Fall safety tips ;)!
  • Do you have a ladder buddy? (Not Buddy, do you have a ladder?) When using a ladder to either; a) clean eavestroughs, b) hang holiday décor; or c) be really tall, it’s always good to have a buddy to hold the ladder and be a spotter in case. Make sure your ladder is on a level surface and you are following the guidelines. 
  • *coughs and sneezes* Wash your hands! Don’t want what’s going around the office aside from that plate of junk food? Wash your hands (before reaching for the plate). And if you are sick, stay home (Don’t tell your boss I said that).
  • Prepping the turkey? Or any other food? Clean surfaces and wash your hands. Cook food until it is thoroughly cooked. (Spoiler Alert: The acquisition and use of a meat thermometer is a #SafeChoice)
  • After the warm summer, it’s hard to believe it will ever cool down. But…we Saskies (trying this one out) know the truth. Dress in layers. (Thin ones on the inside, please)
  • The leaves are beautiful to see at this time of year, but they have a dark side. Leaves can hide potholes on the road or make it slippery. Take it easy, regardless of your means of transportation.
  • Change your batteries and test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Don’t have these detectors? Go buy them. #Hello
  • Service your furnace. It keeps you warm, so treat it nicely. Waking up at 4:00 AM to find your pillow stuck to your face with frozen drool is not fun. Don’t know where to start? (#FreshPillowMaybe) SaskEnergy has resources available!
  • Check yourself. If you are feeling stressed, under the weather, or just not right, make sure to talk to someone. Fall is a busy time. Make sure you are checking in with yourself.

That’s a good list of Autumn Safety Tips, but it is just a start. What are your safe choices for autumn? You can tell me here, and through our #SafeChoice social media contest.

When all is said and done, we can't prevent fall from coming. We can, however, prevent falls from happening. Here is a great resource to reduce slips, trips, and falls around the home.



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