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Who’s Driving Your Vehicles?

Council Adds Behaviour Based Driving to List of Traffic Program Offerings

The mechanics of driving is something most of us learned a long time ago. The acts of steering, braking, shoulder checking and parallel parking have pretty much become second nature. We know what the signs mean and how the traffic flows, we have the knowledge and the skills, but what really motivates our behaviors when behind the wheel?

For more than 50 years companies have spent millions of dollars training their staff to be safer drivers, but vehicle collisions remain a significant risk for many organizations. Are these collisions a result of driving knowledge, driver attitudes, behavior, or a combination? Traditional driver safety education focuses on upgrading driver knowledge but rarely touch on the drivers motivation for behaviour.

Traditional corporate driver safety programs address reasoned and habitual behaviour but generally ignore the impulsive, attitudinal behaviours that are typical of those that result in excessive risk taking. The Behaviour Based Driving program now offered by the Saskatchewan Safety Council, which uses the Thinking Driver curriculum, addresses these attitudes and sheds new light on the thought processes that often lead drivers to putting themselves at risk.

Behaviour Based Driving closes the gap between the planned and the impulsive. This course equips learners to better self-regulate risk acceptance and rejection based on rational criteria rather than emotional or impulsive motives.

“Behaviour Based Driving is a new tool in the driver’s toolbox.  The traditional Defensive Driving Course (DDC) is a great start to help drivers gain knowledge and skills. This new program develops the equally important area of driver behavioural awareness.”, says Ryan Jacobson, CEO of the Council. “If drivers already know the rules and best practices of driving safely, DDC may not be as effective as a fresh forward-thinking alternative to get them to examine their own attitudes behind the wheel.”

Behaviour Based Driving is at the leading edge of driver safety education. Register yourself or your team today by visiting

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