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Spooky Safety Tips

Boo! Look out for those little ghouls and goblins tonight. Well, it’s more likely to be spooky clowns, princesses and superheroes, all out gathering the most candy possible. That’s totally the goal of Halloween, right?

I must confess, Halloween is my favouEven though they're smiling, they're empty on the inside.rite time of the year. It has everything I love: spookiness and free candy! Also, seeing the lil’ ones all dressed up is super adorable.

With the excitement of Halloween, don’t forget to be safe out there. Here are Merissa’s top tips for a safe and spooky Halloween for all ages!

  • While carving the pumpkin, make sure to hold the knife firmly and ensure that it is not covered in pumpkin guts. Always cut away from yourself too.
  • Candles in pumpkins are great, but you can buy small lights to put in them and no one’s costume or porch will catch fire!
  • Costumes are the most fun part of the holiday. But so many things can go wrong. You don’t want your costume to be dangerous to yourself and you don’t want your costume to blow up social media for the wrong reasons.
    • Can you see out of it?
    • Can others see you? If not, reflective tape is an easy fix!
    • Does it choke/trip/restrict you? Ensure your costume can’t hurt you.
    • Make capes shorter (or remember you’re wearing one!) and ensure your costume can’t get caught.
    • Is it offensive? Do a quick online search of your idea before committing to it. Remember, what goes online stays online…FOREVER. That may be the scariest thing.
  • Mmmmm candy. Make sure to inspect all candy before eating. And don’t binge it all at once. Making the #SafeChoice means everything in moderation! And besides, a little bit of candy at lunch each day goes a long way.
  • How to not eat all the candy? Make sure you have a healthy supper before trick or treating begins. And after? Select a few pieces to enjoy and then hide the rest for later.
  • Trick-or-treaters can carry a glow stick or flashlight to be more visible.
  • Canadian favourite safety tip? Making sure your costume is big enough to fit your winter gear under it. #CanadaProblems

Don't you wish you had this much candy corn?These tips are only a sample of all the safety advice out there. Remember, if you engage in any of these or your own safe choices, make sure to participate in our social media contest where you could win a $10,000 CAA Travel Voucher!


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