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Senior Safety

At the Saskatchewan Safety Council, we are driven to make all of Saskatchewan safer, not just employees, youth, or organizations. This includes our wisest generation, the seniors! If you are a senior, or have a senior in your life, then we have resources for you.

What do we offer in terms of senior safety?

Fall Prevention Program

Research has shown that slips, trips, and falls cause the most incidents around the home. Our handy-dandy Home Fall Prevention Checklist provides tips for reducing or removing hazards in your home. And it’s all organized by room! Best of all are the countless number of safety tips!

Do you have a CSA approved step stool in your kitchen? Or do you use a chair? Well, well, well. I hope you don’t use a chair. A step stool readily available takes the wild urges away to climb your chairs and countertops like the monkey you want to be. If you pull the grab bar off the wall, you’ll feel like this… only for a second.

Do you have a grab bar installed by your bathtub? If yes, make sure it is attached to the wall studs or you could easily rip it off the wall. Yes, you will feel like a bodybuilder but you may injure yourself and you’ll have some wall repairs to complete.

We also have links to other resources on fall prevention on our site… including what to do if you happen to fall. The most important thing to remember if you do fall, get assistance. Do not be embarrassed about falling, everyone has fallen before. Seriously.

Fraud Prevention

Quick fact: Fraud and scams happen to 69% of people under the age of 45. Our fraud prevention information is not just for seniors, it’s for all ages. Con artists and fraudsters target everyone but you can arm yourself with education to fight back!

Biggest thing I learned? A scam is a questionably legal act, where the scammer takes money from someone but doesn’t technically break the law when they do so. A fraud is a clearly illegal act, where the con artist uses deception to make a profit or take your money.Don’t you wish your carpets were this clean?

Scam: The Carpet Cleaning Scam

Carpet cleaners phone you up, telling you about a sale where you can get a number of rooms cleaned for a specific cost. The carpet cleaners arrive, but lo and behold, your rooms are “bigger than they thought”, and they “need to charge you more money than the original cost”. You pay it because they are already there and you have guests coming over and your carpets are embarrassingly filthy. Who knew potting plants inside would be so messy?

Fraud: Advanced Fee Fraud (aka the Nigerian Prince)

You receive an email or old-school letter for an urgent business transaction from a supposed member of a royal family who needs to transfer funds out of their country. And lucky you, you will get a huge reward! But first, they need your banking information and a fee to cover costs. But it’s a small price to pay for the large reward you will receive!

The biggest thing to remember about any deal is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Remember to ask questions, listen or read carefully, and refuse to be pressured. Legitimate businesses allow customers time to debate purchases and answer all questions.

Mature Driver Refresher Course

Free safety training? All because you are 55 years or older? What a deal!*

*This is a legitimate offer and we will not ask you to pay any fees upon showing up to the course. #legitRound and round we go.

Our Mature Driver Refresher Course is strictly informational, does not affect your license, and there are no exams! It’s a fantastic way to update your skills as there are always new things popping up. #HighwayRoundabouts

See our dates for courses here. if you are interested in bringing this training to your community group or town, please give us a call at 1-855-280-7115.

Safety is important at any age. Being informed and constantly learning is the #SafeChoice. Enter our social media contest today by showing us the #SafeChoice you make! And you could win a $10,000 CAA travel voucher!


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