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Breaking the Ice with Winter Safety Tips

Guess what Saskatchewan? It’s winter. Seems like we were all just sipping lemonades and enjoying the long hours of sunlight a few days ago. Now, we wake up before the sun and put on a few layers before heading out of the house.

Don’t be sad though! Winter is a wonderful time to make safe choices. You can even have these be your new year resolutions.

Merissa’s List of 11 Safe Choices for Winter (they’ll ‘sleigh’ you!)

  • Well, it’s cold. Make sure to dress in layers when outside. Cover your head, ears, and hands. Don’t forget your waterproof warm boots!
  • Walking outside? Put on ice cleats! You’ll grip like one of these ice racers (watch the video)!
  • Salt your walkways and/or sidewalk. Don’t lick them after.
  • If travelling over the holidays, take your time and drive according to the weather. The longer you take, the less time you have for awkward family conversations. #Politics
  • Make a winter kit for your car! Or buy one! Include warm clothes, candles, matches, non-perishable food, small shovel, blanket, and a first aid kit.This makes your tires look super cool.
  • Sign up for our Skid Smart Collision Avoidance course. Who says safety can’t be fun when you can skid all around in a controlled area? #SafetyISFun
  • Give yourself extra time to scrape windshields, sweep off snow, and defog those windows before driving.
  • Have a look at the tires on your vehicle! Do they have a super cool snowflake-on-a-mountain on them? No? Don’t fret, go talk to your favourite tire supplier about acquiring All-Weather or Winter Tires. 
  • If you haven’t done so already, get that furnace inspected! If you have a fireplace, ensure the chimney is clean and able to carry smoke out of the house. You don’t want to smell like a campfire.
  • Unplug your holiday lights. Blow out candles when leaving a room. Keep candles out of the reach of children, pets, and Christmas Trees.
  • Enjoy the season! There can be a lot of stress around this time of year. Relax, ask for help, and take care of yourself#SelfCare

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to winter safety. Do you have any more to add? Share them with the hashtag #SafeChoice.


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