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Interview with a Winner!

On December 20, 2017, the Saskatchewan Safety Council awarded Sonya Horner of Saskatoon, SK with a $10,000 CAA travel voucher for her entry in the Council’s #SafeChoice Social Media Contest. Below is a transcript of her interview with Robert Weitzel, Director of Business Development with the Council.Sonya Horner (contest winner) with step daughter, Asia. Both of whom participated in the Saskatchewan Safety Council’s #SafeChoice contest.

Robert: How did you hear about the #SafeChoice social media contest?
Sonya: I saw the #SafeChoice social media contest on Facebook, on the Saskatchewan Safety Council page.

R: Why did you enter the #SafeChoice social media contest?
S: I entered the contest because safety is important to me, and to my family.  We did think about safety on a regular basis, but this contest gave us a chance to look at more ways to incorporate safety into our lives. It was a fun way to learn more about, and think more about, safe choices. 

R: Your winning entry was a video about fire safety and candles. What prompted you to think about this particular safe choice?
S: I live in an apartment building, and when not careful with candles or stoves, you can cause harm not only to yourself, but to others as well. It’s very important to think about fire safety in that type of living environment. As well, we try to go over fire drills, knowing escape routes, stop, drop, and roll techniques with the kids, so thinking about fire safety is part of our lives.   

The winning entry in the #SafeChoice social media contest.R: We noticed the whole family was involved. Tell us about that.
S: That was one of the best parts of the contest, getting the children involved.  It really sparked their interest and their thinking about safe choices. They became very excited every week to submit a new safety tip, and it created a dialogue and more learning about safety procedures.  Its good to have young kids involved making safe choices at an early age, so it will carry through with them their whole lives.  It also got us thinking "outside the box" a bit as well, as there are SO many ways you can incorporate safety in every aspect of your life.

R: What thought have you given to how you will use a $10,000 CAA travel voucher?
S: It was such a wonderful surprise, I’m still in a bit of shock! I love to travel, and would love to see more of Canada, so that’s a possibility.  With such an amazing prize, there are many possibilities, so will have to give it more thought!  Thank you so much Saskatchewan Safety Council, and CAA for the opportunity to learn more about safety, the contest, and the fantastic prize!! 


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