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Goodbye 2017! Hello 2018! The tradition of making resolutions is here. Some of you may make resolutions, some of you won’t bother, and some will vow to think about it (#ProcrastinatorsUnite). 2018: The year for sharing safety. Bust out the bubble wrap and detectors!Most of the time, resolutions are about health and fitness, money, learning new hobbies, sleeping more, reading more, being a better person, etc. These are all great goals! 

But what about safety? Why not safety resolutions? How about we combine a very common resolution, like being a better person, with safety? Can we make that a thing? #SafetyResolutions2018 could be the hashtag, if you’re so inclined to tweet it. I will lead the way with some potential safety resolutions.


  1. Resolve to patiently guide loved ones’ hands away from their phones while driving. Maybe hold hands with them instead? Watch:
  2. Resolve to be a fire fighter and involve everyone in your life! Replace batteries as well as test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, but do this at parties or family events. This leads to fantastic opportunities to educate loved ones on the importance of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
  3. Resolve to be safe at home, not just at work. Perhaps your family needs an OH&S committee? If there are children, this would be a great opportunity for them to learn about their ‘right to participate’. Show us your #SafeChoices by sharing posts on our Facebook page or tweet us!
  4. Resolve to outfit your car, house, cabin, treehouse, etc. with safety gear. How do you start? Why not start gifting safety items to family and friends? Need some sweet gift ideas? Think first aid kits, winter tires, high visibility gear for winter, helmets, protective sports equipment, batteries, flashlights, safety glasses, gloves, fire extinguishers, stairway gates, ear plugs, dust masks, installing grab bars, non-slip rugs, ice salt, fastening furniture and TVs to the walls, fire escape ladder, and it just keeps on going!

    I resolve to wear all the PPE when taking the garbage out.
  5. Resolve to protect others on the road by learning how to avoid collisions in winter with our Skid Smart Collision Avoidance Training Course.
  6. Resolve to sit down with an older relative for coffee and talk about fraud and scam awareness. We have a great guide to help direct conversations! And it’s nice to actually be social, not just exist on social media.
  7. Resolve to bring a road-rager friend to a zen-like place by taking our Behaviour Based Driving course with them. Promise them peace and happiness while driving. 
  8. Resolve to volunteer your time to someone older in your life. Why not go through our Home Fall Prevention program and assist with making their home safer? They may even provide a homemade meal. Or baking.

This is just a start. Help me make #SafetyResolutions2018 a trend! Tweet us your safety resolutions and let us know how you’re planning to make 2018 yours and your family’s safest year yet.


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