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Making Safe Choices Even if you Fall in Snowbanks

There she was, out on a winter walk, enjoying the frigid cold and feeling content. In the past 6 months, she had participated in the #SafeChoice contest and learned so much about safety. Not only was she being safe at work, but she was always bringing safety tips home with her. 

When dignity and snow meet.


And then it happened. 

While walking and looking at her phone, she, the safe one, proceeded to walk right into a snow bank…and fall over. Thankfully, she was alright. Her only bruise was to her dignity.

You may be wondering, who is this terribly unsafe person?

It’s me! This happened on New Year’s Day. The Safety Blogger who gives you safe tips went made a very unsafe choice and in doing so, came close to achieving a similar level of internet superstardom as this unfortunate woman:

Why I am writing about my embarrassment? Why share my humiliation with you?

We’re not all perfect. Just because someone strives to be safe doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes. We mess up. We’re human.

At work, there are OH&S committees, safety toolbox talks, procedures on reporting incidents, and laws to ensure we are safe at work. In turn, there are less injuries and fatalities at work. We’ve done wonderful things to make work safer.

At home, we are free to do as we please! No more safety toolbox talks, no reporting on incidents or ‘near misses’. It’s our domain and we don’t have to report to anyone.

But…we’re still being injured at home. We need to be thinking about these safety topics at home too. When we get injured at home, we don’t always think about the why. Think back to your last injury at home. What happened? Did you change something to prevent it from occurring again? Did you communicate the hazards and changes to all members of the household?

That all sounds a little extreme, doesn’t it? But, if we can lower injury rates at work with these systems, we can start lowering our injury rates at home too.I'm the safest! No, I'm the safest!

How about a weekly family safety share? Everyone talks about a safe choice they have made in the past week and perhaps an incident that leads to a change. This could be as fun as ‘Family Game Night’!

Feel free to comment below and share a time when you had something happen at home and made a change to make it safer. You can even tweet us with the hashtag #SafeChoice!



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