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Fall Prevention Program

Home Fall Prevention

Whether it is enjoying the summer out at the lake or working on a hobby at home, we all strive to lead full, independent lives doing the things we enjoy with the people we love. An important part of maintaining that independence is ensuring we have a safe living environment to reduce the risk of injury. Research has shown that slips, trips and falls cause the most incidents around the home. Because of this, the Saskatchewan Safety Council has dedicated itself to researching resources on fall prevention and providing them to you here.

Saskatchewan Safety Council Fall Prevention Checklist

We have created an easy to follow checklist to help you identify the most common fall hazards in the different rooms in your home. The checklist also provides tips for reducing or removing any hazards you have discovered. Keep in mind that this guide does not list every potential fall risk in your home. Your house may have unique hazards because of your lifestyle. For example, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking and cooking, there may be further precautions you will need to take.

Click here for the Saskatchewan Safety Council Home Fall Prevention Checklist


More Fall Prevention Resources

As we mature, the changes our bodies go through sometimes require us to have different needs to maintain our independence. Below is a list of fall prevention resources offered throughout Saskatchewan. Browse through the program descriptions and click on the title of a program that you would like more information about. If you have any questions about these programs, contact the organization that is responsible for that program.

*The Saskatchewan Safety Council is not responsible for the information provided below and any questions should be directed to the author of the information which is usually found on the website or document. Always consult a physician before attempting any physical or medical suggestions you are not familiar or comfortable with.

One Step Ahead - This program has downloadable information including quizzes to asses your fear and risk of falling, health related tips for fall prevention, and walking safely in the winter.

Facts on Falls - The Regina Qu' Appelle Health Region provides facts and statistics on the risks associated with falls to help you understand the importance of assessing your surroundings.

Positive Steps Fall Prevention Program - A very comprehensive guide to fall prevention that focuses heavily on stretching and strengthening exercises to keep your body in good shape and to maintain good balance. motion - motion is a health promotion initiative that helps older adults become physically active through volunteer-led physical activity groups.

Sun Country Health Region Fall Prevention Program - Provides general fall prevention information but also includes what to do IF you fall. Note that the files for download are at the very bottom of the website.

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