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Defensive Driving for 15 Passenger Vans

Many businesses, sports teams, and community organizations use 15-passenger vans to transport people to and from events and job sites.  Research shown that unsafe operation of these vehicles present a significantly higher hazard to occupants than other passenger vehicles.  This is why the Saskatchewan Safety Council has developed a program specifically for 15-passenger vans.

Course Description:

The goal of this course is to teach drivers the different driving techniques required to operate a 15-passenger van.  Students will learn proper loading strategies as well as how to create an action plan for safety.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of safety concerns
  • Defensive driving for large vans
  • Dealing with emergency situations
  • Circle checks and safety alerts
  • Collision prevention
  • Speed and stopping distances
  • Adapting to different road and weather conditions
  • Proper turn techniques
  • Loading and unloading passengers and cargo
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Creating a safety action plan to minimize risk for incidents

Course Duration: 4 Hours

We also offer an optional in-vehicle assessment at an additional cost.

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