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Skid Smart Collision Avoidance

If you drive in winter, you want to take this program. If you know someone who drives in winter, you want them to take this course. The Saskatchewan Safety Council Skid Smart Collision Avoidance training provides information and hands-on experience in driving conditions which produce a skid.

Course Description:

Focused mainly on winter conditions, this course enhances the participant’s knowledge of situations which may cause a skid and teaches the decision making abilities and skills required to recover control of a vehicle which has entered an uncontrolled skid.

The first part of the course take place as a facilitated learning environment where general theory and techniques are discussed. The second half is a one of a kind hands-on practical experience where participants apply the techniques discussed. The practical portion takes place in our custom designed outdoor ice skid pad.

Topics Covered (In-Class):

  • Preparing your vehicle for winter
  • High end and low end vision
  • The definition and causes of a skid
  • The "safety zone" of your vehicle
  • Understanding types of tires and treads
  • Proper braking techniques with different braking systems
  • Types of skid and how to control them
  • Front wheel drive vs. rear wheel drive
  • Stopping distances
  • Types of skids
  • Types of tires and treads

Topics Covered (Skid Pad):

  • Straight line emergency braking
  • Emergency braking before and after steering
  • How vehicle speed affects stopping distances
  • Controlling your vehicle around objects
  • Vehicle drifting
  • Challenging the driver's skills in emergency situations
  • Proper steering techniques and hand placement exercises

Course Duration: 1 Day

To request a course for your company or for more information, please contact us at (306) 757-3197 or by email.

More courses may be added to our schedule to meet demand and if weather permits. Skid Smart courses are weather dependent and may be canceled with short notice.

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