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Fall Protection for AWP

This specialized Fall Protection course is designed specifically for operators of Aerial Work Platforms such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, and bucket trucks. Any worker that works at height must be trained to do so safely according to legislation, this includes equipment operators who use Aerial Work Platforms. The course concentrates on fall prevention techniques, fall restraint systems and additional information on fall arrest devices. This awareness course is designed to provide participants information on how to perform the necessary attachments and how to properly wear a full body harness for restraint while working on an aerial work platform.

This course does not provide the information necessary to use fall protection equipment for anything other than an Aerial Work Platform.

This tailored course will discuss the hazards and risks of working at heights specific to equipment operators and workers who only work from this type of equipment. This content does not cover other types of fall protection systems. If workers are exposed to a variety of working at height situations, it is recommended they take the full day Fall Protection course.

Each participant will participant in a half day theory and practical session. Participants will have the opportunity to be briefly suspended in a harness to experience what this can be like in a controlled environment. 

Course Duration: 1/2 Day

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