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Snowmobile (Commercial)

Please Note: To better serve you, our Powered Mobile Equipment curriculum is being redeveloped into a Blended Learning Model which will combine online training with on-location operator evaluations. This transition requires a temporary interruption (approx. 4 months) of the delivery of our Power Mobile Equipment Operator and Trainer level courses. We apologize for any inconvenience to you and your organization.

Snowmobiles are not only used for recreational purposes.  They are also used by many organizations in the field for transportation needs such as traveling across fields and ditches to work sites.

Course Description:

The Saskatchewan Safety Council Snowmobile course is intended to provide participants with a solid base of practical and functional skills for the safe use of snowmobiles in the workplace.  It uses classroom and field activities to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to develop safe and effective snowmobile operation habits.

Topics Covered:

  • Snowmobile Act and Regulations including OH&S Regulations
  • Understanding the parts of a snowmobile
  • Pre-start check
  • Trailering a snowmobile
  • Storing a snowmobile
  • Driving techniques
  • How to handle special situations such as night riding and weather conditions
  • What to do when in an emergency

Participants are required to provide a snowmobile and basic riding gear/personal protective equipment appropriate to the outdoor conditions on the course days.  Up to three participants can share one snowmobile and students must have a valid driver’s license to take this course.

For more information, contact us at (306) 757-3197 or by email.

Note: If you are looking for non-commercial snowmobile training please contact the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association.

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