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Certification of Recognition Safety Program

Safety Program Certification enables your organization to develop, implement and review your Occupational Health and Safety Management System against a 3rd party recognized standard. The process can be valuable for showcasing due diligence through the monitoring and evaluating your organizations continuous improvement. Through the process there are opportunities for recognizing your organization’s strengths as well as possible areas for improvement.

The process involves the following:

A minimum of one employee attends the following courses. We recommend that medium and large organizations send more than one person.

  1. Safety and the Supervisor
  2. Essential Elements of a Safety Program
  3. Incident Investigation
  4. Internal Auditor Training

Once the courses are successfully completed, participants will be given an opportunity to conduct an internal audit or evaluation of their organizations Safety Management System. This internal audit will be reviewed for quality assurance and the individual is then certified as an internal auditor for their organization. 

If the internal audit reaches a minimum of 80%, the organization may apply to have the Saskatchewan Safety Council perform an external verification audit of their safety systems.  If the external audit verifies a standing that meets or exceeds 80% then that organization is issued a Certificate of Recognition from the Saskatchewan Safety Council.

This program adheres to the standards set out by the Saskatchewan Joint Industry Committee.

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