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Introduction to Fire Extinguishers

The actions taken in the first few seconds of discovering a fire are critical as they may help save someone’s life, reduce injuries, and/or reduce property loss.

Course Description:

Introduction to Fire Safety will make you more knowledgeable about fire safety for at home and in the workplace. It will teach you about emergency planning and preparedness and understand fire behavior within its incipient stage. The course covers how to properly use a fire extinguisher, complete with a practical application.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to emergency plans
  • Exposure hazards
  • Fire knowledge at home and the workplace
  • Elements of fire
  • Classifications of fire
  • Types and operation of Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Extinguishing agents and ratings
  • Extinguisher user inspections
  • Operation of the extinguisher

This course is offered with one of the following hands-on components:

  • Live fire (Gas/Diesel mix with burn pan and dry chemical fire extinguishers)
  • A Bullex propane fire simulator (requires burn permit, outdoor use, and water supply)
  • A Bullex electronic digital simulator (indoor use)

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Note that live fires may not be permitted in all areas. Please check with the Saskatchewan Safety Council for more details.

Students need to wear non-flammable materials (cotton-based clothing). Safety glasses and good solid footwear are required as well.

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