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Hearing And Respiratory

For most workers, noise and airborne hazards are treated as a common workplace risk. Often times, these hazards are considered uncontrollable and are ignored. However, prolonged and constant exposure can affect the health and safety of workers, resulting in both temporary and permanent physical damage.

Course Description:

The Saskatchewan Safety Council Hearing and Respiratory Protection course reveals that noise and airborne hazards are, in fact, controllable with the proper training and safety measures in place. By understanding how to control them, you will significantly decrease the risk of injury to everyone in the workplace.

Hearing Topics:

  • Sound measurement
  • Health consequences from noise hazards
  • Regulations for workplace noise
  • Overview of hearing conservation plans
  • Identifying hazards and how to mitigate and/or eliminate them
  • Audiometric testing

Respiratory Topics:

  • Overview of the respiratory system
  • Respiratory hazard identification and mitigation/elimination
  • Health consequences from respiratory hazards (chemicals, molds, asbestos, etc.)
  • Respiratory protection devices operation and maintenance

Course Duration: 1/2 Day

Respiratory Fit Testing

If you are not properly fitted for a respirator, you may not be protected from airborne elements which is why fit testing is required for anyone who uses a tight-fitting respirator to perform his or her job. The Saskatchewan Safety Council can conduct accurate and reliable respiratory fit test to ensure you are safe from harmful elements. Our instructors can accommodate testing dozens of people in a day in our office or your office or job site.

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