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Respirator Fit Testing

If you are not properly fitted for a respirator, you may not be protected from airborne elements. With our fast and mobile testing service we can potentially test dozens of people in a single day either at your worksite or in our office.

The entire process typically takes 15-20 minutes per mask. Our actual fit test completes a 5-step protocol in 3 minutes or less. Not only is this the fastest, but also the most accurate way to conduct quantitative respirator fit testing. Only the first few seconds are required to determine initially whether the respirator user has a basic fit or not.

We leverage a Controlled Negative Pressure testing technology (CNP) which is the most accurate and fastest testing on the market and meets the requirements of CSA Z94.4-11. CNP uses pressure wave propagation instead of particle migration to measure mask leaks. This technology provides a direct measurement of respirator leakage quickly and accurately regardless of the source.

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