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Safety and the Supervisor

The safety knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of everyone in an organization combine to create its safety culture. Supervisors are often the primary key to maintaining the safety culture. They are also responsible for communicating health and safety information between management and frontline workers.

Course Description:

The Saskatchewan Safety Council's Safety and the Supervisor course delivers content specific to the planning, organization, and leading of safety culture while providing support and supervision.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding, creating and enforcing workplace health and safety programming
  • Fulfilling legal requirements for health and safety
  • Understand their duties and those of employers and employees
  • Understand and perform due diligence
  • Lead using proper time management and effective communication
  • Properly train and coach workers in the safe performance of their duties
  • Conduct risk assessments and safety inspections and investigations
  • Understand how to lead and promote an Occupational Health and Safety committee

Course Duration: 2 Days

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