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Career Safety Education

Note: The Early Safety Training Program is now known as Career Safety Education.

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Career Safety Education is the first program of its kind in North America. It provides universal access to completely FREE safety training for all youth in Saskatchewan. By working together with generous partners, we are able to deliver the training to any youth between 14 and 21 years of age.

The goal of Career Safety Education is to increase the knowledge of safety in Saskatchewan youth through education. Following the completion of Career Safety Education, students will apply their knowledge to prevent injuries at work or at home.

The online components are specifically designed by industry safety experts to address the most common injuries to new workers in their respective fields. The online components can be complimented with practical on-site training if community sponsorship is available.

To complete Career Safety Education, four safety courses must be completed.

The compulsory courses are:

And, depending on your career interest, you choose one of the following industry orientations:

  • Agriculture: OATS (Online Agriculture Training System)
  • Heavy Construction: RSTS (Roadbuilders Safety Training System Online)
  • Construction and Trades: SCOT (Safety Construction Orientation Training)
  • Healthcare: WAVE (Workplace Assessment and Violence Education)
  • More online courses will be added to the list as they become available.

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For Educators - Teachers Register Students Here

Participating in Career Safety Education allows secondary students to access training that may be required for summer employment or for their future careers at no cost, while ensuring safe practices in their future.

You can choose to deliver Career Safety Education by including components in your existing high school credit courses (Curriculum Fitted Option), such as the Wellness 10 course. Students would be required to take the courses during class and homework time.

Unsure of where safety training fits in the curriculum? Check out our list of curriculum connections here. 

Curriculum Fitted Option

Students are required to take the four courses during class time or through assignment.

Requirements to complete Career Safety Education:

  • Access to computers in the classroom or a computer lab with internet access
  • Headphones or speakers for online training
  • Valid email addresses for all students

You would:

  • Register your email address 
  • Provide a class list
  • Assign training as homework or in-class work
  • Monitor student progress throughout the program

We would:

  • Provide FREE online training, including user guides and easy to access links
  • Provide industry recognized, digital certificates, for students upon completion of the program that can be added to their resume

Ready to include Career Safety Education in your curriculum? Educators / Teachers click here

Download this poster to promote Career Safety Education in your community or school.

Here is a link to a video you can share with youth.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions for registering your class or group.

Career Safety Education Hosted Group Option (Including a Practical Component)

If you want to include hands-on training in your school or division, you can host our safety training in your community. In this format, students complete the online training as a prerequisite and then participate in a hands-on safety elective. Practical components depend on additional available funding. We can provide a letter of support for potential sponsors in your community if funding is not already available.

You would:

  • Contact us through email at, or call us at 306-757-3197 or 1-855-280-7115
  • Locate and coordinate local facilities suitable for training
  • Coordinate with parents/guardians for approval
  • Ensure suitable adult supervision for breaks and lunch hours
  • Keep track of documentation for the Saskatchewan Safety Council
  • Market the program through the school website and/or newsletter

We would:

  • Provide a letter of support to gain community sponsorship
  • Provide registration forms, waivers, and other applicable documents
  • Provide guides and links to the free online training
  • Provide a list of industry recognized electives to choose from
  • Coordinate sourcing and booking of specific training providers
  • Media relations with local media contacts

Ready to host Career Safety Education in your community? We look forward to working with you.

For Youth - Sign up here

You are on your way to building your resume and looking like a star candidate for your future employers. Now you can receive safety training for free! Whether this training is to help you keep first-day awkwardness at bay or further develop your career, you are in the right place.

All you need to complete the training is:

  • Access to a computer or laptop with internet access
  • Headphones or speakers for online training
  • Valid email address

There are three options to complete the training:

  1. You can choose to do this on your own, registering online, and completing the four courses required.
  2. If you are enrolled in a class at school that has safety as part of the curriculum (e.g. Energy & Mines 30 or a Career and Work Experience Course), you can ask your teacher to participate in the Curriculum Fitted option to involve your whole class.
  3. If you really want to bring this training to your school, and include a hands-on component like Fall Protection or First Aid, talk to your guidance counselor, favourite teacher or principal about our Hosted Groups format. Your school, or a local organization can host the training over two days.

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If you have any questions, please contact or 306-757-3197 or Toll Free at 1-855-280-7115.

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Below is a video with step-by-step instructions to get you started.

For Businesses/Organizations

As a prominent employer in your community, you want to aid your future employees by sponsoring and hosting Career Safety Education in your community. The benefits to your organization, current employees, community members, and youth are countless.

Is your company committed to safety and ready to give back in a visible way? Career Safety Education Hosted Groups is a great way to enhance your business’s community connection with local schools and potential future employees.

There are three methods available to youth to participate in Career Safety Education:

  1. The self-study program;
  2. Curriculum Fitted (offered during regular school classes); and
  3. Hosted Groups (offered outside of regular classes on weekends or after school)

Interested? Learn about the ways to support Career Safety Education.

Want to sponsor and host Career Safety Education for youth in your community? Contact the Community Relations Coordinator at 306-757-3197 or

Thanks to these valued program partners:

For Parents

As a parent, your child's first day at a new job is an exciting milestone. They are starting a new chapter in their lives and you want to ensure your children are able to be successful and safe. You also want them to have an edge on competition when applying for their summer jobs or future careers with the best employers in your community. Completing industry recognized safety training would provide your children with the critical safety knowledge to assist them in being successful.

There are three methods of completing Career Safety Education:

  1. They can choose to complete the training on their own through the Self-Study method. Your child would have to complete the three mandatory courses and one elective in one year, before they turn 21. 
  2. Participate in the Curriculum Fitted format, where their teacher would complete the training during regular school classes.
  3. Another option is completing it through our Hosted Groups format, where the training is offered outside of regular classes on weekends or after school. 

You can contact the Community Relations Coordinator at 306-757-3197 or for more information about the three options.

If you work for, or own a company that wants to promote safety training in your community, we recommend sponsoring a Career Safety Education Hosted Group.

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